When Life Is Quite Through With

when life is quite through with
and leaves say alas,
much is to do
for the swallow,that closes
a flight in the blue;

when love's had his tears out,
perhaps shall pass
a million years
(while a bee dozes
on the poppies, the dears;

when all's done and said,and
under the grass
lies her head
by oaks and roses

E.E. Cummings


Kim said…
Belinda! This is absolutely beautiful! I love the proportions of the work.
mb said…
This has become one of my favorite poems as I've spent the night studying it. Good on you for posting it here-- it's too true to not share.
mb said…
also, i want to give you my paraphrased version of the meaning of this poem.
how does it differ from the meaning you find in it?


when one dies,
(and every thing dies)
friends are affected.

but they get over it in time.
(to nature, time is meaningless

and oaks and roses are sufficient to sort out what needs to be sorted.)


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