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Beautiful Nature.


The Sky Today.

The Sky Today, Beautiful...


Indefatigable torrent
that flows without stop,
leaving behind
the ineffaceable memory
that I loved.

Minutes that will never
come back again,
seconds that I lived
in an eternity
that will continue
telling my truth.

Time that will last forever
and will not give back
a caress,
a gaze…
time that never hears
the words that no one talked,
the words that someone held…
time that never forgets
the flow of my love.

by Belinda Shinshillas.


Torrente incansable
que corre sin parar,
dejando al pasar
el recuerdo imborrable
de que yo amé.

Minutos que nunca
jamás volverán,
segundos vividos
dentro de la eternidad
que se quedarán
relatando mi verdad.

Tiempo que sobra,
y que jamás regresará
una caricia,
una mirada...
tiempo verdugo
de lo que no se habló,
de lo que se calló...
tiempo que no perdona
el correr del aroma
de este mi amor.

Belinda Shinshillas

Life is simply beautiful.

Life is like the blue sky, simple but beautiful...

Belinda Shinshillas.

Picture by Michael Alford.
Belinda Shinshillas portrait with love by Michael Alford.

In The Desert

"In the Desert of the heart,
Let the healing start;
In the prison of his days,
Teach the free man to praise."

by W.H.Auden

The perfect person....

We meet the perfect person in unexpected places.