Mi Destino

Esperanza que guía
mis pasos, mis sentidos
hacia tu vida,
brújula mágica
que apunta sus flechas
a un sueño futuro,
alegría esperada
que me da el valor
de seguir el camino,
hacia mi destino.
Belinda Shinshillas

My Destiny

Hope that guides
my steps, my senses
towards your life,
magic compass
that points its hands
to a future dream,
overdue happiness
that gives me the courage
to continue the faith,
to my destiny.

Belinda Shinshillas


Kim said…
Wow Belinda, I am going to have to begin to collect some of the beautiful words of yours. Fabulous and so true for me, as well, now.

And the painting is again so powerful with a message so true and composition so perfect!

Thank you for the beauty you bring to me with each visit here.

You know I always criticizes your work, when you painting those "radish" of you... remember?

But know I can tell you, your painting is growing and I like it.

I love you sis¡ you know that and you have always all my support in everything...

Your Sister

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