The nature of poetry

"Poetry has always been a quiet and shy art. Poetry lives first of all in the hearts, minds, and souls of all people. Novels are more boisterous, songs and plays more tumultuous still. Paintings are more spread throughout the landscape than poems are. Any art form from architecture to sculpture to Zen gardening will attract more people than poetry. The nature of poetry dictates its popularity. But popularity does dictate the vitality of poetry.
Poetry lives in small spaces. Even performance poetry, slam poetry, and especially sedate poetry readings attract far smaller audiences than rock concerts, dance recitals, and gallery openings for individual painters.But many books of poetry are published every year. Many poetry readings are conducted."

For me this is very true...this is the way poetry is.
Para mi esto es muy cierto...esta es la manera en la cual la poesia es.


Kim said…
Yes, Belinda, it is true about poetry. I had not thought of it that way before. I think there is something in the act of writing poetry which is so appealing...quite a bit like painting. This reminds me of something I did quite a while ago. I am going to look for it.

I love this painting, too! The colors and the veiling is beautiful. It doesn't fit in as one of your recent I right? As always, though, it is incredible!

Thanks Belinda.

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