Mar de noche
sin deseos de dormir
amargo olvido
de caricias sin futuro
de recuerdos sin porvenir
pasión en tarro
sin hora y sin fin.

Abraham Chinchillas


Sea at night
without desires to sleep
bitter forgetfulness of caresses
without future, without memories
passion in a jar
without endless hours and without an end.

Abraham Chinchillas
(Translation by Belinda Shinshillas)


Kim said…
Oh Belinda! Vessels! As I said on my blog, I love vessels. I think it is because as a woman I am a vessel. They are so powerful a symbol. You have represented them beautifully here. The colors and the textures are perfect!

I also like "Cafe". Thank you so much for translating it! It is a beautiful piece. (My Spanish is zip! Sorry!)

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