Monday, February 18, 2008

Brisa Fresca.

Caluroso sol de verano,
siento como quema mi piel
cuando pienso tan solo
en la noche que pase con el.

Sentados uno junto al otro
escuchamos bellas melodías,
mientras los ruidos ajenos
parecían susurros muy lejanos,
la brisa fresca de la noche
tocaba nuestras caras
regalándonos aquella caricia
que esperaba… y no llegaba.

Quería tocarle o tan solo rozarle,
y en un momento de descuido
su mano acaricio a la mía,
sirvió vino color de rojo
del color de mi sangre ardiente,
pareció tan solo el vuelo
de un sueño tan deseado.

Brisa fresca de la noche
en donde hoy encuentro,
el aroma de su piel y su perfume,
de la noche que pase con el

Cooling Night Air

Warm Sun of summer
I can feel how it burn my skin
every time I think
about the night I share with him.

Sitting casually side by side
We listened to lovely melodies,
while other people's noises
seemed only distant whispers,
the cooling night air
was touching our faces
giving us the caress
we hoped... and did not arrive.

I wanted to touch him,
but in a careless moment
his hand grasped my hand,
he poured another glass of wine
the color of my passionate blood,
It looked like the dream
I wished for so long.

Cooling air of the night
where I always find,
the aroma of his perfume and skin,
the night I share with him.

Belinda Shinshillas


Kim said...

Belinda, she is absolutely beautiful! I love her daydreaming images and the lovely curve of her shoulder which ties right in to the incredible poem you have written.

I love the colors and the depth of your work, as always.

Thank You So Much!

Rodolfo Serrano said...

Te visito casi a diario y disfruto con tu blog, poesía, imagen, contigo.

artworx5150 said...

What beautiful imagery you paint with your words.