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We're All Alike Installation at Artfields 2018 Competition in Lake City, SC

We’re All Alike is an installation of a series of 24 charcoal drawings (22 x 27 inches each approximately) exploring these similitudes we all share through portraiture. Inspired by the tradition of Gold Glass Roman Medallions portraying noted persons such as kings, queens and the wealthy, this series takes the simplicity of the work itself presenting the traditional bust of the individual over a black background allowing the power of his/her personality to emerge. 

We’re All Alike takes this tradition to a contemporary display of common men and women through the most basic, intimate and important medium in Visual Arts. Labels of race, gender, sexual orientation and social status don't interfere within this body of work. The similarities all people share are the foundation of this art installation.

We're All Alike will be on view at  the Artfields 2018 Competition in Lake City, South Carolina  from April 20th to 28th at The ROB. 245 S. Church St, Lake City, SC 29560