Offerings through human history has been associated with religious and spiritual connotations making them an intricate part of human love and suffering. Even if we are beings with a very defined individuality, we have always lived with a group of peers crafting community and culture. Since we have developed ourselves as makers, giving has been a common practice in our own nature. Every time we create, we do it sharing, sometimes unconsciously and sometimes with a specific purpose. Being makers and creators compels us to give.

Although, giving is a common form of offering in every community, artists and poets have made this practice a cultural conversation about spiritual connection, that is an ongoing practice. By recognizing the complexities of historical rituals of offering, we could add our own voices to our contemporary cultural conversation through the art of giving. Art speaks to us as a spiritual force that shakes our confort zone feeling devotion, passion, love, discomfort, distress and pain.


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