Spiritual transformation of Art

Being born in a city so eclectic such as Mexico City and later moving to New Orleans has greatly influenced and expressed in my Art. My devotion for Art began at an early age, continued and developed through studies of Art History and analysis of the Masters’ works in Latin America and Europe.

It has been a great pleasure to attend the oldest Art Academy in the Americas, the National School of Visual Arts, Old Academy of San Carlos in Mexico City. I have been fortunate to study under renowned Masters Gilberto Aceves and Luis Rene Alva.  Studying Art in Mexico provided the privilege of being a disciple of the well-known Mexican muralist Manuel Guillen-Campos Huici (Guillman) and Dr. Teresa del Conde at the Rufino Tamayo Museum in Mexico City.

My work has been of a contemporary nature and explored surrealistic ideas using figure as an important element in the visual story. Presently, I find myself in a period of rediscovery as an artist with a profound classic figurative training, developing a body of work totally of abstract nature.

I seek a spiritual transformation of Art through the use of vibrant colors, for a visual experience. This approach conveys a wide range of sensations and emotions that carry the observer from total excitement to an apparent tranquility. 



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