You the one

who walks

into the shadows

of an empty street…

trying to find

the road

that will take you,

to the light,

your light

that was taken

away from you


in a moment,

fragile entity

who can not find

in the darkness,

the reason

that can explain

the negative

of your right

to be a seed,


that could not give life.


and many others.

Your delicate beauty

would never be

seen again,

your whish

to be the origin, the root

would never be

never truth,

your main hope taken

by the killer's hand,

will not find

any place in this life,

some one took it

to leave it lost

among the voices

that you never

will hear again.


and many others.

You will be the scream

of deep sadness,

you will be the invisible

incident that time

does not forget,

you will be the conscience

of a blind world

that will cry

empty tears,

you will be a woman

with out love…

with out caress,

you have been left

and you will not

come back again…

never again.


and many others.

Belinda Shinshillas.

In memory of the Martyr Women

of Juarez, Chihuahua


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